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Cold Front South Africa July 2020 – Few Things You Need To Know



Latest news reports from the weather forecasters is showing that in the next few hours or days there will be an extreme weather conditions, the weather is going to bring a frozen wonderland of discontent to our doorsteps.

A majority of provinces are set to receive a smattering of the white stuff as temperatures plummet across the nation.

“A cold weekend is coming up for most South Africans. A significant amount of snowfall, even disruptive in parts, looks very likely from Thursday night or the early hours of Friday morning for the Western Cape, Eastern Cape, Northern Cape, KwaZulu-Natal, and even in Lesotho.”

“Snowfall is also possible for the high-grounds on the border of the Free State and Mpumalanga. This is an advanced forecast so variables like the areas and amount of snowfall are likely to change at some point.”

The latest weather report from The South African Weather Service is warning that an intense cold front will make landfall in parts of the country from Thursday.

Places  That Will  Receive Falls & Heavy Showers

It is excepted to bring heavy rain in the:

  • Western Cape
  • Northern Cape,
  • Eastern Cape
  • Southern parts of the Free State.

Mbavhalelo Maliage who is the country’s foremost weather anchor has revealed the full details of what would likely be the outcome of events as the weather takes a new turn in the country.

It is going to be cold starting from the Western Cape and then on Thursday and Friday it moves over into the western interior and central parts of the country.

Mbavhalelo Maliage, Forecaster – South African Weather Service
We are only expecting the cold to move over into Gauteng on Saturday. It depends on where you are. Pretoria we are expecting a maximum of around 16 to 17 degrees. Johannesburg will be around 15 degrees and Vereeniging will be slightly colder at around 13 degrees.

Mbavhalelo Maliage, Forecaster – South African Weather Service.

Still speaking….
We are expecting snow, snow will be over the high lying areas of the Western Cape region, as well as the southern interior of the Northern Cape.

Mbavhalelo Maliage, Forecaster From South African Weather Service

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