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“Am a self made millionaire i don’t need government money” – Socialite and entrepreneur Zari Hassan



The rich and famous Ugandan socialite, musician and businesswoman Zari Hassan has said her mind when she publicly revealed that she does not need the government’s money to survive as  she decalares herself a self made millionire in a new Twitter video.

The socialite and entrepreneur Zari Hassan  is from Uganda but resides in South Africa  where she is currently running her business said on Wednesday in a twitter video  that  she is a self made millionaire and doesn’t need the government’s money.


Zari who recently revealed that her partner Diamond has return back into her life after their relationship caught flames over cheating.

Zari said that Diamond Platnumz coming back in her life is just to provide for their two children.

In a social media video Zari lashed out at people who criticised her after she said the two had worked out their issues for the sake of their children, saying Diamond realised his mistakes and went back into being in his children’s lives

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