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Who is Tracy Zille?, Read her controversial tweets which has caused stir on the social media



Tracy Zille appears to be a white South African woman who caused a stir on Tuesday 7 July 2020 when she posted what looked like a racist’s tweets portraying her hate and dislikes for the black skin guys.


In her Twitter page where she described herself as not being a racist but rather a person – “who does not nurse feelings of people who don’t accept and love themselves. Unlike Black Twitter I am not full of hate and self-hate.” she said

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Read her controversial Tweets Below..

In one of her tweets, Tracy said getting into a relationship with black guys is like getting into a problem.

“If you date this kind you must know that you are in a relationship with your problems. You might not know now but you will know when you arrive at Maintenance Court. They live in backrooms and wear fakes from “Dubai” sold in a car boot of some guy with “connections”


She even threw a punch on the popular South African prophet, Bushiri, when she said, is only idiots in S.A pay R7 000 for a one on one prayer with this guy from Malawi. and questioned why God would give him blessings so that he can sell them to you for R7000 each?

“Idiots in S.A pay R7 000 for a one on one prayer with this guy from Malawi. Are you telling me that God decided to listen to Bushiri’s prayers only even thou we are all his children? Why will God give Bushiri blessings so that he can sell them to you for R7000 each?”

Although the true identity of Tracy Zille is still not known which has kept many people asking who she is?,  tweeps will always have somethings to say unlike Tracy’s tweets been tag a racial tweets it has already attracted many criticism and question of who actually is Tracy Zille.

Many on twitter still argue that the account “Tracy Zille” on the social media is just an account created by a black man to bash black women & people.


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