Home Entertainment Who is Fezile From Umndeni, is she a gay?

Who is Fezile From Umndeni, is she a gay?


Umnedi season 1 on Tuesday was broacasted live on DSTV and many people on the social media caught the vibe immediately Fezile took the center stage, her look became the center stage for gossip with many saying she could possibly be a gay since she had an adam’s apple.


Although it looks like Fezile is going through the most, Maseko and his wives are toxic and her family is also shit. Her mental well being is at stake.

Tweeps Reacts On Seeing Fezile


Are you still asking if she is a gay well then Fezile is a complete man with a woman’s facial look, she made it clear on her facebook profile that she is a proud looking gay.


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