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Twitch Streamer, Blue622 Has Passed Away



Popular Twitch Streamer, Kenny popularly known as Blue has passed away. Blue was reported to have died on Saturday July 4 2020. His cause of death or what killed him is still yet unknown. Blue died at the age of 30.

Kenny who is identified by the internet as bLuE have been playing video games many years ago. He started with Super Nintendo and have been hooked on gaming ever since.

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Born in Huntington, New York, he lived for a time in Naples, Florida but spent most of his time in Northern New Jersey and the Jersey Shore before moving back to Budd Lake in 2019.

Kenny was a Network Engineer and had a natural affiliation with anything technology related. This led to his spare time passion for gaming, which he turned into a successful, entrepreneurial endeavor that produced a following of other gamers. He also loved animals, water sports and snowboarding – and making everyone laugh.

Blue 622 last tweet was about the sudden demise of Rekful who died on July 2 2020.

Tributes Floods Twitter

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