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Renowned singer Andrew Kishore Is Dead



Renowned singer Andrew Kishore, who has been battling cancer and was stated to be critical has passed away. Andrew Kishore died today at a hospital in Rajshahi.

Andrew Kishore died at exactly 6:55 pm today while receiving treatment at the intensive care unit of a hospital, according to media report.

Earlier in the day, his brother-in-law Dr Patrik Bipul Biswas talked about hospitalization of Andrew Kishore.

It was reported on Sunday that the health condition of Andrew Kishore, who has been suffering from cancer for a long time, deteriorated further.

His family physician yesterday informed media that Andrew Kishore is in a critical condition and he can’t speak.

Andrew Kishore went to Singapore on September 9 last year and was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a cancer that originates in the lymphatic system.

After receiving treatment in Singapore, he returned home on June 11. And he was undergoing treatment at his sister’s house in Rajshahi.

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Few Things You Need To Know About Andrew Kishore

Kishore studied at the University of Rajshahi.

He started taking music lessons at the age of six under Abdul Aziz Bachchu, the then chief music director of Rajshahi Betar.

After the 1971 Liberation War, he was enlisted in the radio in Nazrul, Tagore, modern, folk and patriotic songs categories.

In 1977, Kishore came to Dhaka to participate in a talent hunt project initiated by Shahidul Islam, the then director of Transcription Service of Bangladesh Betar.

At the programme, he rendered the song Soheli O Soheli, composed by Debu Bhattacherjee.

Kishore debuted in playback singing in the film Mail Train (1977) where he sang Ochinpurer Rajkumari Nei Je Tar Keu, composed by Saley Alam Khan.

Introduced by A.H.M. Rafique, Kishore made his breakthrough by the song Ek Chor Jay Choley from the film Protikkha, composed by Alam Khan.

Kishore works in his Probaho Media, a production house, which produces television plays, commercials and other productions.

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