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Barry Surtees Of Grand Designs Is Not Dead


Former milkman, builder, developer and artist who was building his own multi-million Hollywood style house in Brighton is not dead. After our thorough research we found out that Barry Surtees is not dead. Barry is alive and in good shape.

Builder turned artist Barry Surtees and his wife Julie wowed the nation when they successfully designed and built one of the most ambitious, state-of-the-art houses in Brighton.

The drama unfolded on Channel 4’s Grand Designs programme, during which Mr Surtees painstakingly created his stunning six bedroom and six bathroom DIY job, complete with a swimming pool, sauna, gym, fantasy bedroom and Japanese roof garden, in Withdean Road.

Mr Surtees, who used to work in the construction industry before he retired to build the new home, has single-handedly transformed the face of the moneyed suburb known as the Withdean Hills.

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