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Gavin Pearce Death – DJ Gavin Pearce Is Dead



Poular DJ Gavin Pearce has passed away. Gavin Pearce died yesterday July 7 2020. His cause of death ws never disclosed to the public.

Confirming the information his brother Dave Pearce wrote..

Thanks to everyone who joined my Trance Anthems stream tonight. The show was dedicated to the memory of DJ and Promoter Gavin Pearce who put on some amazing Trance parties in Bristol and Cardiff over the years . I hope he has found peace – RIP Gavin #trancefamily

His death was also announced on Facebook by Harry Holliday in a lengthy post.

The post reads below..

What a bizarre day was so excited about having a door to man and a venue to support on a weekend again, then, at lunch time the news of the sad loss of “Gav” Mr Gavin Pearce, reached Kent.

Fast talking, entertaining and a skilled DJ, who’s greatest marker was to turn himself into a central hub for club & events promotion in Wales & South West- in an era when promoting events wasn’t really a thing.

Like so many he had a golden window where everything he touched seemed to turn to gold, putting heads through the door, DJ’s on the turntables (under 30’s unsure what they are google Technics ), and bodies on the dance floor at venue after venue.

He could have a level of confidence that verged on arrogance, and we had head to heads as wells as giggles, but he & his crew delivered again and again.

The demanding, focused and determined nature were part of the package as much as the love of music and spectacle.
He was one of the many contributors to one of my favourite past venues -Play- and the only one for which I won a BEDA gong (under 30’s if you need info on these contact Mark West, he has a cupboard full he can show you) and organised the coolest nights we ever held there – sellout 5 times a year.

He could also make a great sarnie
As testament to his skills, after close to a decade out of the trade – (making sarnies!) & having more family time – he rang me, amongst others – to ask how the industry was; what was hot & not, as he pondered “getting back into it”.

Probably like the others, I gasped and highlighted the thousand ways it was harder, less profitable, and trickier to deliver a sparkly night in the smaller venues that we see today, where boys & girls prefer an app rather than an event as the place to mingle.

So what did the bugger do – hit the street with right people and passion, still managed to bag the DJ’s on direct dial that others couldn’t, on his rep from the pre recessions days – and boom did it all once again! Be it bums on seats or money in the till.

After the comeback miracle of the Dance scene, I presumed he’d remain a fixture for as many years as he wished again. Fate and these crazy times have made that not to be. Gav – Billy & I never believed half the figures you told us the Ent’s cost, but the blag was forgiven & unneeded as you & the crew you honed, always made the expense worthwhile. Condolences to his family, this world is upside down.
RIP Mr Pearce.

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