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Hit & Run Accident: Protesters Hit By Speeding Car On Freeway In Seattle (Videos)



Two protesters just got run over in Seattle Freeway by a speeding white car. This is one hundred percent the protesters’ fault for blocking traffic and running behind those vehicles where any incoming driver could not have possibly known they were. Likewise, they probably couldn’t see the car coming when they ran into its path. The freeway was closed to traffic so it’s unclear how this car entered.

The protesters were strolling around the road even after they heard the car warning from the lookout. They had no training to run to either side of the curb.

The white van parked sideways blocking the traffic would’ve made it impossible for any oncoming driver to see if anyone was behind it.

Two injured transported to Harborview. One with life threatening injuries, one with serious injuries. Vehicle has been stopped and driver is in custody. Troopers are investigating the scene.

The two people who got hit look like they ran back into the path of the car after it swerved to the left to avoid the other protesters.

Moment before impact at the BLM protest in Seattle. The protest had gone on for almost 2 hours, moving from street to street before reaching the highway, where they parked vans on the road and prepared to block vehicles. With the van obscuring the road, few saw the car coming.

Aftermath of the impact at the Black Lives Matter abolish-the-police protest in Seattle on the I5. The driver got away. The protesters called 911 and nearby police to help the injured.

The hit and run driver who hit the two protesters on I-5 in Seattle was pursued by the police.

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