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“God showed him two male South African Gospel Musicians who are bisexual” – Zimbabwean Prophet Dr Iaan Ndlovu



Zimbabwean Prophet Dr Iaan Ndlovu says God showed him two male South African Gospel Musicians who are bisexual he says one is married and God will expose them for their ungodly behavior.

The video which has gone viral had the prophet saying that

Dr. Ian Ndlovu a senior pastor at Devine Kingdom Baptist Ministries in South Africa who has been known for controversial prophecies with three notable ones at different dates the first one was made last year 2019 when he said while praying, the Holy Spirit revealed to him something about a country in East Africa.

“We released a prophetic message on the East African country on September 1st 2019 about a spiritual awakening, another revelation on January 1st 2020, and the last was on February 12th, 2020,” Pastor Ndlovu said.

He revealed that Holy Spirit told him, “to those who have the powers to choose and chat the way forward for this nation. Whatever choices you make, you will pay a price. If you choose what God has not chosen, the spirit of God says, choice of traditionalism and upholding ancient demonic strongholds will definitely have consequences for both now and the future.”

The Zimbabwean Prophet Dr Iaan Ndlovu has a moderate congregation, though most of the times his statements had angered many people on social media and occasionally had been trashed, he has been accused of inciting public outrage and many described him as a fake prophet.



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