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Aoko Otieno

Real Name: Aoko Otieno
Age: ——-
Birthplace: Kenya
Birthday: ———
Profession: Feminist & Politician


Who Is Aoko Otieno

Meet the bold, intelligent and focused incoming Migori senator S. Aoko Otieno. She’s a seasoned writer and fierce defender of social equity. On top of that, she doesn’t believe in toxic feminism.

Aoko Contoversial Twitter Statements On Feminism:

“Instead of capitalizing on education and emancipation to make something out of themselves, build their future brick by brick, they’re busy setting fake standards. A woman on footsubishi frothing about how she only screws men with cars”

“Apparently my existence kwa la familia on this App imekuwa negligible 😪. But now they know

Wouldn’t blame them though. Nimekuwa niki make tu technical appearances on this “bird” until recent months”

“Can you define Equity? I’m not taking about the bank.Oh, need help? It’s basically to customize tools that identify and address inequality. Customize b’cos MEN AND WOMEN are not equal thus different tools to address the plight of each gender. Equality ni mefi”

” have no time for any form of feminism that has the word GENDER attached to it.

I only have time for EQUITY feminists. Those who recognize the glaring FACT that men and women are not equal in our anatomy, aptitude and the issues we face!”

Her real name is Scophine,  she is a writer and a student of political science at the University of Nairobi. Aoko described herself as a very pragmatic person and a realist. “This is probably why there is a lot of contention because a lot of youths are idealists when it comes to issues of relationships and life,” she said

Below is an exclusive interview she had with Standardmedia.co.ke

Wow, you caught me off-guard. Sophie is a writer and a student of political science at the University of Nairobi. I’d also described myself as a very pragmatic person and a realist. This is probably why there is a lot of contention because a lot of youths are idealists when it comes to issues of relationships and life.

When you say things as they are then you will find yourself at loggerheads with people. When Pornhub released its consumer index in 2018, Kenyan women ranked the highest in Africa, beating their counterparts in Europe. Now you wonder what Aoko is saying or mentioning things that they haven’t seen on some of these sites that they visit. We are lying that we’re a conservative society, but we’re not. Someone needs to speak for the guys. I feel that every society that has ever excelled was because men were allowed to be men.

That does not mean that that woman cannot be women, it only means that there is nothing wrong with being masculine. I feel that feminism in its ideal and fundamental sense was supposed to empower the woman, not to make a man feel lesser than the man. What has morphed into what they now call feminism is just misandry. If you look at the sentiments by Caroline Mutoko that men are prone to COVID-19, it’s true. But the explanation that she gave was misandry; hating men.

In reality, we are in a society that has wired men as the sole breadwinners; so they stress themselves out looking to provide for their families and this exposes them to COVID-19. It has nothing to do with showering, taking fruits as Mutoko said; those are sentiments of someone who lives in a bubble and withdrawn from the reality that men are struggling to put food on the table hence, expose themselves to situations that make them susceptible to you know, COVID-19.

Tell us more about your background. When did you begin writing?

I began writing back in college while pursuing my diploma in journalism at the Kenya Institute of Mass Communication. Back then we didn’t have a platform to showcase our writing skills. I started slowly writing through Facebook despite being a struggling writer. I finally got noticed by The Nairobian editors who gave me an opportunity to publish some of my articles without any payment. I am glad that they not only gave me a platform but also pushed me and honed my writing skills. I slowly caught the drift and was finally offered a column.

When did you get involved in the feminist movement?

They say that that I am pro-masculinity but if someone with a keen eye will realize that I am fighting for women. On Twitter, I see a lot of men-bashing going on from some of these renowned names. On Facebook, I come across women with sponsor mentality; things that excite them about men are very material like money. I sought to change that mindset and what way better than through my pen?

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