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Mike Morgan Mojo Outdoors has passed away



Mr. Steven Michael “Mike” Morgan Death:

Real Name: Mr. Steven Michael “Mike” Morgan
Age: Born 1954 – 2020 (66yrs)
Death Date: 1954 –  January 5 2020
Death Place: Ridgeland in Mississippi on January 5, 2020
Cause Of Death:  Unknown

Mr. Steven Michael “Mike” Morgan who is popularly known as Mike Morgan Mojo Outdoors  and also the Head of Media Relations for Mojo Outdoors and co-host of Mojo TV on The Sportsmans Channel has died.

Mike died in his hometown Ridgeland in Mississippi on January 5, 2020.

The late Mike was born on August 12, 1954 in Jackson, Mississippi.

He began hunting at the early age of seven after spending every spare moment of his time in the woods, Mike never expected his hobby would one day turn into a career as a professional hunter.

His history of entrepreneurship started when he took the family business, Morgan’s Auto Supply, after his father’s passing in 1974. Over the next ten years, Mike’s entrepreneurial spirit grew as he developed several successful businesses. In his late 30s, Mike combined his business acumen with his passion for the great outdoors by opening Indian Archery Outfitters, the first archery shop and indoor shooting range in Central Mississippi.

In the late 80s, Mike and his partner began videoing their hunts and soon became one of the largest producers of hunting videos in the US. As outdoor television gained popularity, Mike and his partner were on the cutting edge and eager to make a name for themselves. About the time The Outdoor Channel hit the airwaves, Mike was in full production of a new show called Hunting Across America. On the show Mike’s gift of storytelling blossomed. Each week, Mike kept a national audience on the edge of their seats and encouraged others to experience the great outdoors through hunting and fishing.

During his 30-year career, Mike hunted all over the world, from Sweden to New Zealand and Africa to Argentina. Over the years, he took hundreds of big game animals with his bow and arrow and loved to pass down the tradition whenever possible.

In 2015, Mike was inducted into the Legends of the Outdoors National Hall of Fame. Mike was recognized as a true outdoor TV pioneer for setting the standards and guidelines for the rest of the outdoor world to follow. During his career he served as Host, Cameraman, Producer and Editor of outdoor TV shows viewed by millions.

Beyond his professional awards, his greatest accomplishment was his relationship with people. He was passionate about introducing the sport he loved so much to those around him. Mike impacted countless lives through his family and friendships and lived life to the fullest each day.

He is survived by his wife, Rebecca Farnham Morgan, daughter, Kathryn Yvonne Morgan, son, William Robert “Buckshot” Morgan, sister, Pamela Morgan Dotson, and brother, Timothy Scott Morgan.

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