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VIDEO: Teenager rescued by the Congolese Immigration officers at the airport after he showed up from the plane engine as a stowaway to be flown to Europe



The Congolese Immigration officers on Thursday 2 July 2020 rescued a young man who hid in the engine of a plane as a stowaway to be flown to an European country.

The video which has gone viral on the social media had the boy coming out the plane engine with his bags walong with him.

The young boy whose identity was not disclosed was reported to have entered the engine of the plane with his luggage which caught the sight of the airport officials and they quickly went to rescue him.

In years back many migrants had possibly used stowaway to enter Europe with the aim to seek greener pastures.

Similarly, on July last year a stowaway fell from a plane’s landing gear as it approached Heathrow Airport and was found dead in a garden after landing “one metre” from a sunbather.

According to BBC, between January 2004 and March 2015, six stowaways were found on aircraft at UK airports, according to the most recent figures from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). Another stowaway was found on board a UK airline at an overseas airport.

Figures from the US Federal Aviation Administration suggested that 96 people hid under planes during flights around the world between 1947 and 2012, with incidents occurring on 85 flights.

Aviation expert Irene King told the BBC that many stowaways don’t make it to their destinations, making it difficult to gauge the number of incidences.

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