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Taylor Blackwell Death: Family Demands Justice



The family of Taylor Blackwell are demanding justice for the unexpected death of their daughter. Taylor Blackwell was a 19 year old girl who attended Sierra College to study psychology. She died unexpectedly on February 28 2020 at Woodspring Suites Hotel in South Sacramento.

Taylor was identified by a guest at the hotel and later contacted her cousing. According to reports, Taylor’s mother and other family arrived at the hotel at 9 AM an waited until 1 PM as the police told them they were still trying to identify her even though she was previously identified by a guest.

Taylor Blackweell’s Family Demands Justice

On February 28, my family lost one of the most intelligent & powerful young women. Her name is Taylor Blackwell. Taylor was 19 years old and attended Sierra College and majored in phycology. She had so much more life to live, so many goals to complete and definitely didn’t deserve any of this. Around 12AM, she was found at The Woodspring Suites Hotel in South Sacramento.

The fact that her life was unexpectedly cut short and after 4 months we still don’t know ANYTHING. NO AUTOPSY. NO NEW LEADS. NO NEWS COVERAGE. As if nothing ever happened.

We don’t know what happened, who she was with nor the cause of death. Her mother was denied by the coroner’s office so we were unable to see her body til the day of the funeral. Of course many stories and false claims circulated but the cause of death is still UNKNOWN. The Sacramento Police Department has failed us, more importantly failed Taylor. WE ARE DEMANDING THE SACRAMENTO POLICE DEPARTMENT TO LOOK INTO TAYLOR BLACKWELL’S DEATH! We just want justice at the very least some closure!

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