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Notable Twitch gamer Reckful reportedly dies



Byron Bernstein, known as popular Twitch gamer “Reckful,” has been  comfirmed dead by suicide on  Thursday at age 31.

Bernstein was known as one of the best “World of Warcraft” players in the world, once owning the game’s top rank for six consecutive years.

According to Nydailynews – Reckful In 2011 released a gaming movie, “Reckful 3,” that had over 1 million views times in the first week alone.

He was one of the most popular Twitch streamers for nearly the entire history of the platform.

Bernstein ventured into the world of developing games when he created one of his popular games “Everland,” a game “hoping to help people find friendship and a sense of community.”

In the past, Bernstein was open about his struggles with depression. Blue Madrigal, Bernstein’s ex-girlfriend and a fellow streamer, confirmed his death in a series of heart-wrenching tweets.

Numerous members of the gaming community shared love for Bernstein on Twitter and Twitch.

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