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Lrei Alumni community share the loss of their own Greg Passuntino



The Lrei Alumni community has shared the loss of their own and wonderful friend Greg Passuntino.

Greg Passuntino death was revealed by his long time friend  Fred Beebe on the social media where asked concerned friends and family of Greg to contibute on Gofundme for his burial.

Fred described Greg as a  a lifelong friend of   since they were 6 years old.  he said his has set up a fundraiser as a way to cover the funeral & memorial costs for his friend Greg Passuntino, as well as to continue to support Sabrina and Peter during this time and beyond.

Greg Passuntino was an art direction manager, project management, graphic design, web design, in a variety of applications.

He started as a freelance designer in my mothers apartment when I was 15 years old. Since then he has started a graphic, web design company, NoFavorite.

He was born and raised in New York City.

Greg cause of death was not made public as at the time of filing this report.

His memorial  will take place on June 26 at 6PM at  East River Park Amphitheater.

In his Gofundme Fundraiser post Fred Dropped this..


Hello everyone, I am Fred Beebe, a lifelong friend of Greg’s since we were 6 years old.  I’ve set up this fundraiser as a way to cover the funeral & memorial costs for our friend Greg Passuntino, as well as to continue to support Sabrina and Peter during this time and beyond.  
These funeral costs will be expensive, plus closing his apartment, moving items to storage, etc.  His family is already going through so much.  We need to help them through this time so they don’t have to worry about the finances as well.  Please donate what you can and let’s reach or exceed this goal!

The first $20,000 we raise will go directly towards the Funeral and Memorial expenses.  We are still meeting with funeral homes and will inform everyone of the date and specifics of the services once they are finalized.  

All money raised in excess of $20,000 will go to support Sabrina and Peter now and into the future.  In the short term, this includes storage, moving, and other costs associated with the reorganization of their lives.  In the long term, we are meeting with a lawyer to set up a trust for Sabrina and Peter.  The exact specifics are still being worked out but in the end, this trust will be the recipient of the funds raised here.  The funds will then be distributed to Sabrina and Peter.

If you have thoughts on this trust,  the best way to distribute it,  and any specifics on what it should go towards I want to hear from you.  My email is Frederick.B[email redacted] – please include “Greg Passuntino” in the subject line so I can sort the responses appropriately.  This is a crowd-funded effort so I want to hear from all of you.

I was put in charge of this fundraiser because I have experience with fundraising and disbursement.  In relation to Greg, I started and managed a fundraiser to send Greg to rehab in Thailand a few years ago.  I take this role very seriously and please know that I am not rushing to any decisions, or making any decisions on my own.  The money you have donated will go into a Trust, the specifics of which are still being worked out.  

This is obviously a fast-moving process, and so I want to keep everyone as informed as I can.  That being said, there is no rush to immediately distribute any money beyond the immediate funeral and memorial costs. We are at the beginning of the process, and I appreciate everyone’s efforts, thoughts, and generosity.  I love you all.



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