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Former partner of Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell have been arrested by the FBI for sexual abuse and child trafficking



On Thursday 2 July 202, Ghislaine Maxwell  was arrested by the FBI for sexual abuse and child trafficking.

The woman named as who was part of the American magnate’s pedophile network, was arrested in Bedford, New Hamspshire.

Ghislaine Maxwell , former partner of Jeffrey Epstein , was arrested this Thursday morning in Bedford , New Hampshire , in the northeastern United States. The information was confirmed by the FBI to Fox News . Just ten days ago, the 58-year-old woman born in France but of British nationality, had been located in Paris by English media . However, the US federal authorities confirmed his detention in his territory, although they have not yet provided information regarding the charges against his figure.

According to federal sources, Maxwell will be presented today before the state court to hear the charges against her, although they are linked to the sexual exploitation activity for which the financier was arrested last August.

According to court documents that are not yet public and accessed by the television network, criminal prosecutors charged Mawell with one count of conspiracy to hire minors to travel and engage in illegal sexual acts, one count of confinement of a minor to engage in acts. illegal sex, one count of conspiracy to transport minors with intent to engage in criminal sexual activity, and two counts of perjury.

According to the account made by the victims before the investigators, the situations of abuse occurred interchangeably in New York, Palm Beach, the Virgin Islands or a country house in Les Wexner , the places where nightmares came to life. The one who urged them to satisfy Epstein’s sexual desires was Ghislaine. She chose them, recruited them, told them what to do and often participated in the abuse. It was also Maxwell who delivered them to the powerful and influential by order of the financier.

Those young women who complained or wanted to get away from the Epstein world or, worse still, were encouraged to report abuses and rapes, had to endure Ghislaine’s fury and threats. He chased them, harassed them over the phone, reminded them that she was going to see to it that her life became hell. Those dramatic moments were crudely described by each of them in the documentary – Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich – which aired Netflix in recent weeks .

For years – more precisely since the first conviction that listed Epstein as an abuser, in 2008 – Maxwell tried to dodge the accusations against him and the uncomfortable questions from the press. At 58, Maxwell, when seeking to know her opinion on the facts, her version of the story, only limits herself to denying the accusations and repeating that she is innocent, that she never participated in or facilitated abuse.

In an interrogation with the police in 2016, with her ex-partner still alive and free, he stated that she fulfilled many functions in the house of Epstein , who had hired many employees to carry out various tasks on their different properties. They asked him more specifically if he had hired masseurs: “ That was a very rare part of my job. I occasionally hired professional masseurs for Epstein. I never hired someone I knew to be a minor, ” Ghislaine replied .

Throughout her relationship with Epstein , Maxwell’s official residence was in New York . It was a five-storey house that an unknown company bought but which had its domicile in the offices of its ex. The house was ten blocks from Epstein’s mansion. It cost $ 5 million. And no one had the slightest doubt that it was the financier who provided the money.

After Epstein’s conviction in 2008, the socialite continued to appear at exclusive events. She lowered her profile, the frequency of her appearances was not similar, but her seclusion was not immediate. She launched an ocean care foundation, was a speaker at TED talks, attended award shows on the arm of Elon Musk, attended the wedding of Chelsea Clinton , the daughter of Bill and Hillary . It just vanished when Epstein’s luck changed.

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