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2 Nigerians Who Accused Girls Of Stealing Their Rolex & Stripped Them Naked In Cape Town Apologizes



Two Nigerians who accused girls of stealing their Rolex Timepiece & stripped them naked In Cape Town  has finally apologised to ladies for false fully accusing them.

The two Nigerians guys who accused two South African girls in Cape Town of stealing their Rolex Timepiece & stripped them naked has finally apologised. From information we gathered they lied about the Rolex. The two girls never stole it. They are apologizing to the girls for accusing them.

In the earlier video, the who girls where seen stripped completely naked by the two Nigerian men as they accuse them of stealing their Rolex. In the video of the guy was heard saying “Come on show your face” “where is my Rolex, i have been begging you “I gave twenty thousand”.

Watch The Video Below The Moment They Knelt Before The Two Girls To Apologise

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