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Young mother of a five-year-old daughter loses an eye after she was attack with caustic soda in Spain



Police in Catalan has opened an investigation to clarify what happened and are looking for the perpetrator of the attack, which caused the woman to lose an eye. Her husband has crossed complaints with the aggressor, who accuses him of trying to run him over with a vehicle.

A man attacked a woman and her five-year-old daughter on Monday at midday with caustic soda on public roads in Sant Feliu de Guíxols, Girona, Spain, the Mossos d’Esquadra reported on Tuesday.

Mother and daughter were admitted to the Hospital Vall d’Hebron in Barcelona with burns caused by caustic soda . The woman lost an eye, while the minor suffered minor burns.

According to La Vanguardia , the woman, who had descended the stairs of her home with her five-year-old daughter when the terrible attack took place, took the brunt of trying to protect the little one with her body . She suffered burns to her mouth, lips, tongue, head, and eyes. In fact, one lost it. For her part, the girl has minor burns on her face and shoulders.

“I was harassed a lot, I had denounced him several times, he always told me that if I didn’t go with him he was going to burn me, that if I didn’t go with him he was going to take my eyes out and until he had succeeded he hadn’t stopped ” Ana María Gallego narrated in the hospital.

The Catalan police opened an investigation to clarify what happened and are looking for the perpetrator of the attack, who maintains cross complaints with the victim’s husband. The woman had previously denounced him and the court issued a protection order for the two victims.

The Sant Feliu Investigating Court No. 2 investigates, for its part, an alleged abuse of the victim’s husband by the now aggressor , which he said took place on May 29.

In this procedure, ” the husband is the accused and the now escaped man is the victim ” of the alleged abuse, in which the complainant did not suffer injuries that required medical attention, according to the part sent to the court.

The Court 2 of Sant Feliu also carries out another procedure with cross-complaints between the two men for a minor crime of injury , referring to events on May 8.

ccording to what La Vanguardia reported , the victim and the aggressor met through the nanny who cares for the daughters of the woman, aged five and two , and had established a link that the investigators are trying to decipher.

” I knew him from the bakery, I talked to him but there was no other relationship ,” said the mother of the victim, Manuela Ramos. He worked as a baker in the neighborhood.

The family claimed that the man had started to harass the woman and was pursuing her at all times. The last time was Monday, the day of the attack.

As the aforementioned newspaper reconstructed, at 6:00 AM the attacker began throwing stones from the street at the window of the woman’s room so that she could get out. The victim’s husband was no longer at home because he had gone to work.

The impact of the stones against the glass alerted the woman’s parents , who had come to visit her and made the complaint before leaving. ” When we left, he was still hiding in the street and asked us to withdraw the complaint, ” said the mother of the attacked woman.

The man took advantage of the fact that the woman’s parents had left to carry out the attack against Ana María.

(With information from Europa Press)

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