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Confusion trails as a doctor was assaulted at the entrance of a clinic in Colombia



A viral footage uploaded on the social media has an alleged assault on a doctor working in a hospital by the relatives of a patient with COVID-19. However, the Police stated that the reason for the attack was a debt with a hardware store.

A video of a strong attack on a pediatrician outside a clinic located north of Barranquilla was viralized on social media.

The images show two people punching and kicking the doctor while he tries to let go and runs away inside the health center helped by two women. Police officers are even seen intervening, as well as the screams of other people who are witnessing the scene.

Initially, the attack was attributed to relatives of some of the Covid-19 patients who attend the CMI Internacional clinic, causing it to quickly go viral and arouse great outrage among those who shared the video.

The confusion was based on several episodes that have occurred in Colombia, but especially in Barranquilla, of attacks on medical personnel for blaming them for the increase in deaths from coronavirus in the city. There even a doctor received a funeral wreath at his workplace and at his home, a threat to his life in the best style of the old drug trafficking mafias.

But this Wednesday the Barranquilla police confirmed that this was not the case and that the quarrel that occurred outside the clinic had been motivated by the collection of an old debt that the doctor owes to the owners of a hardware store, who are tired of waiting the payment of his money went to claim him to his workplace and ended up using violence.

This version was confirmed by the relatives of the attackers, who specified that the doctor’s debt is for 16 million pesos (USD 4,278).

“The quarrel was not for Covid-19 or for any of our patients affected by Covid-19. The quarrel was because Mr. Tomás Molinares owes him money from a long time ago for materials that he acquired at the hardware store and so far he has never shown his face, he always says that he is going to pay and never pays. The witnesses outside the clinic noticed and are also people who have suffered because they have not yet been paid by him. He is not the first affected, he already has a history that he never pays, but the attack was not by any Covid-19 patient, nor by anyone who died from Covid-19 or by any family member who is in that clinic by Covid-19 or is deceased, “said one of the brothers of the aggressors in a publication on networks

In addition, he added that the doctor when confronted by his father and brother threw hot coffee at them, which would have sparked the quarrel.

” My brother with a lot of effort raised his hardware store and this doctor who saddens me that people from the union are so tricky, I trust my brother more than 16 million and he has not wanted to pay and my father and my brother went to collect and He threw a hot coffee, this is not part of an assault on medical personnel, this is a fight for a lack of respect associated with the non-payment of a debt of a man who is a cheater, “he reiterated.

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