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City of Cape Town To Suspend Officers Who Dragged Bulelani Qholani Naked In His Informal Settlement Home



The City of Cape Town is in the process of suspending the law enforcement officers involved in the incident where 28 year-old Bulelani Qholani, nude/naked, was dragged out of an informal settlement home in Khayelitsha, Cape Town.

This was made known in an official press release they made this evening.

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The city in process of suspending law enforcement staff.

The city of Capetown is in the process of suspending staff members pending investigation and disciplinary procedures related to an incident earlier today in Khayelitsha.

The City has been made aware of video footage concerning law enforcement officials in Khayelitsha and a resident today while they were on duty in the area. We are in the process of suspending four staff members involved in the incident pending the outcome of the investigation. The suspension also ensure that staff are not targeted while on duty. We saddened by the conduct depicted on the video footage and we do not condone and forceful and dehumanizing conduct by our staff members, Said the City’s Executive director for Safety and Security, Richard Bosman.

The City takes these allegations very seriously and while our staff are subjected to very challenging circumstances while carrying out anti-land invasion operations, which are to protect land earmarked for housing opportunities and other services, we will not condone violence of any nature by law enforcement staff. I have asked for the facts to be gathered as a matter of urgency and that the inestigation is concluded with delay, said Bosman.

The land in question belongs to the City and the City has conducted various operations to prevent illegal land occupation. After the removal of illegal structures, new attempts are made to invade again on daily basis.

The land is earmarked for installation of services to serve the broader community in the area. There is an interdict in place as well as recent court order which allows only 49 households to temporarily remain on the land until after lockdown. The city must also maintain this recent court order, which the community is aware of.

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