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Read former president of Panama, Ricardo Martinelli’s challenging message after being hospitalized



The former president of Panama was admitted for a picture of hypertension and cardiac arrhythmia. In 2019, he was released from prison in the context of wiretapping and embezzlement of public funds.

The former president of Panama, Ricardo Martinelli , had to be hospitalized for a picture of hypertension and cardiac arrhythmia. After some tests, the doctors decided to discharge him last night and he is already at home, where his recovery will continue.

“Fortunately, already. Thanks to everyone who cared about me and to those who enjoyed it, sorry, but I think there are some of these mean beings who did celebrate , but God still wants me to stay in this world for a while longer. I thank all of you and let’s pray. Everything ok ”, he wrote in his account on the social network Twitter.

Martinelli’s message accompanied a photograph of him that had been published by his spokesman, Luis Eduardo Camacho . “Accompanying former President Martinelli, who was treated for a picture of hypertension and cardiac arrhythmia,” his adviser had previously reported.

Former Panamanian President Ricardo Martinelli Hospitalized

In the image, the former president is seen lying in a hospital bed with a chinstrap.

The former head of state, who was imprisoned in a case of wiretapping and embezzlement of public funds, was released in August last year and said he was a persecuted politician. The Prosecutor’s Office had requested 21 years in prison for Martinelli, who ruled Panama between 2009 and 2014.

Martinelli was the first former president of Panama’s young democracy to have sat on the bench of the accused. He was charged with four crimes totaling 21 years in prison for the alleged interception of telecommunications by dozens of opponents, businessmen, journalists and social activists.

With the argument of political persecution, Martinelli left Panama in January 2015 and returned extradited by the United States on June 11, 2018 , after spending a year in federal prison while battling his surrender to the Panamanian Justice for the case. of the eavesdropping.

Upon arrival in Panama, he was held in a minimum security prison located on the outskirts of the Panamanian capital, but then house arrest was imposed because the law of that country prohibits the accused from remaining incarcerated for more than a year.

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