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Nicole Ruddy Death, Dead – Young Point Pleasant Beach Teen, Nicole Ruddy Dies At 19, Obituary



Nicole Rose Ruddy has passed away. Nicole Ruddy was reported to have died on Friday, June 26, 2020 at the tender age of 19 years. Her cause of death is not known to us.

Born and raised in Point Pleasant Beach (or “the Beach” as she always called it), Nicole was one with the ocean as she jumped the waves.

As a graduate of Point Pleasant Beach High School, Nicole had many teachers throughout her school years who were her mentors and guides. Nicole was loyal, caring friend to many. Those whom she shared her heart with, were blessed with her insight and total devotion. She always shared her special school moments with her family.

An avid softball player since she was 5 years old, Nicole played on many teams in centerfield. Her favorite coach was her Dad and she loved to hit the ball. A warrior and competitor; the team meant everything to her and she was so proud to be part of the 2018 PPB Girls Varsity Softball Championship team.

Nicole and her family were parishioners of St. Peter’s RC Church in Point Pleasant Beach, where she was baptized, received her First Communion and Conformation. The faith community has been an important part of their family throughout the years.

A loving daughter, Nicole always started the day with “Love Ya”, a hug and kiss to her Mom and ended every night wishing “Sweet Dreams” to her Dad. Cared for and watched over by her protective sister, Nicole and Danielle were always best friends, never to let differences linger as the affirmation of each other’s love mattered above all. Nicole was born into and raised by a family that loved each other unconditionally and fostered compassion for all, no matter the circumstance. She embodied this deep and eternal spirit, and was wise beyond her years. Her beauty was immediate and radiated from her soul, until all were bathed in the sunshine of her smile.

Nicole is survived by her loving parents, Jeffrey and Charlotte Ruddy, her cherished sister Danielle Ruddy and Fiancé Tom Metzger, along with her Grandfather Daniel Bush. Her kindness and goodness will be remembered and shared from the hearts of her many aunts, uncles, cousins and friends, as we will always keep her safe in our collective embrace.

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