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The European Union has sanctioned Luis Parra and other members of the Nicolás Maduro regime



The Venezuelan deputy, linked to Chavista corruption, tried to take power from the Venezuelan National Assembly last January. Another 10 officials of the dictatorship were included in the list.

The European Union (EU) sanctioned this Monday Luis Parra and ten other deputies of the National Assembly (AN) who, under the orders of the dictator Nicolás Maduro, tried to take control of the Venezuelan legislative body last January , and thus snatch him the charge to Juan Guaidó, who is recognized as interim president of the country by more than 60 countries.

In addition to Parra, the other sanctioned officials are: José Ornelas Ferreira, Gladys del Valle Requena, Tania Díaz González, Elvis Eduardo Hidrobo Amoroso, Juan José Mendoza Jover, Jorge Eliezer Márquez Monsalve, Frank Mora Salcedo and Dinora Bustamante Puera.

“The people added to the list are particularly responsible for acting against the democratic functioning of the National Assembly, including stripping the parliamentary immunity of several of its members, including its president, Juan Guaidó. The actions that motivate the inclusion decision also include initiating prosecutions for political reasons and creating obstacles for a political and democratic solution to the crisis in Venezuela, as well as serious violations of human rights and restrictions on fundamental freedoms, such as freedom of the press. and expression ”, notes a statement from the European Council of the EU .

With this measure, there are already 36 Chavista officials under EU sanctions , which include a travel ban and an asset freeze. “These measures target individuals and do not affect the general population,” the EU clarified.

The European bloc measure takes place weeks after the United States government applied sanctions against Parra, Conrado Pérez Lineares and Adolfo Superlano . “All those who accept bribes and fuel corruption must be held accountable,” said the US embassy in the Caribbean country when making the announcement.

Parra’s election has become topical following a recent ruling by the Chavista Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) in which he supports him as head of Parliament, something that both Guaidó and his international allies, including the United States and the European Union, have rejected.

The question of who occupies the Presidency of the National Assembly is of utmost importance in the current situation in Venezuela, since Guaidó bases his legitimacy as president in charge of the country on the position of head of the Legislative Palace. If you lost the latter, you would also lose the former.

Last December Parra, then a deputy for the opposition party Primero Justicia (PJ), along with six other parliamentarians, was accused of having been involved in a corruption scheme within the framework of the CLAP food boxes program. In addition to Parra, José Gregorio Noriega, José Brito, Adolfo Superlano and Conrado Pérez (main), Leandro Domínguez and Jesús Gabriel Peña (substitutes), were accused after a report by the Armando.Info portal .

According to the accusations, the parliamentarians used their role in the Controllership Commission to favor Alex Saab , the Colombian designated by the United States as figurehead for Nicolás Maduro, and his business network behind the CLAP program, which distributes subsidized food in Venezuela. That link with Saab came to light in recent weeks after the arrest of the Colobian businessman in Cape Verde.

After knowing this information, the National Assembly (AN), with an opposition majority, denounced that the seven deputies were bought by the Chavista regime to form part of “Operation Alacrán”, whose objective was to add wills to prevent the reelection of Juan Guaidó as Speaker of Parliament in this Sunday’s election.

Parra, Brito, Noriega and Pérez were suspended and expelled from the opposition parties Primero Justicia and Voluntad Popular, of which Guaidó was part, after the investigation was released, which reported that about nine congressmen had mediated in favor of two businessmen linked to the dictatorship.

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