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Is Piolo Pascual Dead? – Piolo Pascual Death News


NOTE: Piolo Pascual Is Not Dead.

A fake news that emanated from a website gl0ben3wsupdate.xyz claimed that Piolo Pascual has passed away. The website captioned the fake news headline as, “Just in: Super Star Piolo Pascual Patay Matapos Barilin sa Ulo ng mga Car Jacker” (Just in: Superstar Piolo Pascual dies after getting shot in the head by carjackers).

On the news on the website when clicked redirects users to another website, hetongbago.info, with a similar layout but with more ads. Then, after clicking on the embedded video to watch it, only the first few seconds would play before prompting users to share the story first to continue watching.

Debunking the fake news Piolo Pascual shared a photo of himself and uploaded stories on his Instagram account Monday morning.

The public are advised the disregard the information claiming that Piolo Pascual is dead. Piolo Pascual is alive and doing well.

Piolo Jose Nonato Pascual is a Filipino film and television actor, … While growing up, Pascual enjoyed a close bond with his siblings—Chiqui, Paulette, Pam, Choi, and Patricia—despite their own father’s early death.

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