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Rachael Stratton Has Passed Away



Rachael Stratton, a resident of Isle Of Wight has passed away. Rachael Stratton died few days ago. Her cause of death was not disclosed to the public.

Gareth Oliver in an official Facebook post announced the death of Rachael Stratton

This was Alice with her good friend, Rachael Stratton, performing a spoof ventriloquism routine, while they were training at Performers College, a few years before Alice and I met. They were actually training in dancing and singing, but when given the opportunity to perform a piece of their choice, they opted for something completely different. Rachael actually posted this pic a few years back, to let me know that I wasn’t the first!!

I never met her in person, but I feel like I knew her, not just through being Facebook friends, but from the way Alice often spoke of her with the greatest affection. Alice always lit up when she spoke of Rachael, who she described as a genuinely nice person, who loved fancy dress and having fun!  After college, they kept in touch on a regular basis, and Alice went to see Rachael performing in a show, while pregnant with Sorrento. She was super proud of her.

So, last night, it came as a devastating blow when she was called by a mutual friend, who broke the news that on Monday, Rachael tragically lost her life, after being hit by a car near her family home, on the Isle Of Wight. We have cried a lot since that phone call, and I think we will continue to cry for a long time to come. You were on this earth for such a short time, but you made such a huge impact, not just on Alice, but on everyone who knew you.  Alice told me that even though she is heartbroken at losing you, she is thankful that she had the opportunity to know you, and she will hold the memory of you, and the memories you shared, in her heart forevermore. Our deepest sympathy and thoughts are with your family and everyone else, who cared for you, at this time. RIP Rachael Stratton. May the theatre doors be open in Heaven, and long may your bright light continue to shine.

The Spotlight (IOW) Ltd also reacted to the demise of Rachael. In a new Facebook post they announced that a special tribute will organised for Rachael Stratton. The post reads below

“Please join us at 10am tomorrow for a special tribute to our wonderful Rachael Stratton who we sadly lost on Tuesday. Rachael has been lighting up our lives and our stage for many years.
We will miss her forever and we know you will too”.

Performers College also reacted to the sudden demise of Rachael Stratton. Using their official Facebook page they wrote “Today we celebrate the life of graduate Rachael Stratton who very sadly passed away this week. A wonderful light with the biggest heart and most fabulous sense of humour. We are devastated by this news and will always remember Rachael with much fondness.
Our thoughts are with Rachael’s family and friends and huge love goes out to all of our #performersfam that knew & trained with Rachael.”

Actor Melvin J Cox also penned down his tribute to the deceased. In a lengthy Facebook post he wrote “Mannn… Rachael Stratton I’m crying so because I’m going to miss you so much lady. From the time we first met In 2013/14 in Germany *dancing and singing down by the way.*She was a beast, so talented. A natural. We instantly hit it off. You were like that distant sister I’ve always wanted. Seriously. I had just talked to you before “2020. You were like. “We about to get the crew together for a Skype party. Wait do the people still skype mel?”  you were legit always singing or making us laugh just about life. You were like a little angel sis. I’ll miss you checking up on me all the time. I’ll miss our Poo raps. I might put them on a ep just for you. they would be a hit. This is hard. To a true friend. 7 years of friendship. You will be missed so much. I’d look forward to our catch ups all the time, they never failed. Even now. I’m looking forward to our catch up. I’ll See you again. To the Stratton family, thank you for raising a beautiful human. So sorry for your loss. She will be missed. Love ya sis. What memories. I’ll always cherish you and our friendship.”

Rachael Stratton boyfriend who was devasted on hearing the shocking news of Rachael wrote “We are heartbroken and shocked to let you know that our beautiful and bright Rachael Stratton was tragically taken from us. We are grieving together and coming to terms with our sudden loss and we’d like to ask that at this time, you respect the privacy and wishes of our family. Thank you. “We’ll be friends forever, won’t we Pooh?” Asked Piglet. “Even longer.” Pooh answered. A. A. Milne”

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