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Bobbi Pole Dancing Star, Paula Vivoda Is Dead



The international pole dance community is mourning the death of Bobbi Pole dancing star, Paula Vivoda. Paula Vivoda was reported to have died on June 25 2020. Paula Vivoda died at the age of 52. Paula died after a prolonged illness.

Bobbi’s influence and footprint in the history of #poledance as we know it, is undeniable: her impact as a teacher and mentor of great talents was part of the international competition organization such as Miss Pole Dance and Mr. Pole Dance, the legacy through Bobbi’s Pole Dancing Studios and much more.

Paul Vivoda’s death was made known to the public by Pedro Blackdog in his official Facebook. In Pedro’s post he wrote

“PAULA VIVODA  – 30.11.1968 – 24.06.2020
It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Paula VIVODA Our beautiful Paula peacefully passed away on Wednesday 24 June 2020 due to illness.

To our family and close friends who have supported us throughout her illness we thank you for your undivided support and love She was like a butterfly. Lived a life too short but flew brighter than most.

Paula was a true individual and a pioneer in her chosen field and will be forever missed
As her husband of over 20 years – I have now lost the true counterpart of my soul and am deeply saddened, completely devastated and heartbroken Paula, I look forward to seeing you in the next life Bobbi’s Gold Pole Dancing Studio Bobbi’s Pole Studio PerthBobbi Vivoda”

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