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Co-founder of Village Live Record Label, Joey Deez Is Dead



Co-founder of Village Live record label Joey Deez has passed away. Joey Deez was reported to have died today June 26 2020. His cause of death was never made known to the public. Joey Deez together with Remulak founded the Village Live Record Label in 2008.

Tributes Floods Social Media

Duval DBO Williams wrote “It’s been a few years brother. Such sad news to hear that you’re gone. I’ll never forget the good times hanging in Cambridge or training in Ely. Or the ill sessions jam you guys got me to spin for back 2011. Or the La Familia Vs Genration ILL battle. Thoughts and prayers go out to your family and friends. One our last conversations as always talking about the 2 things we loved, Dance and Music. Rest In Power Joey Deez #GenerationILL”

Sarah Duzzon Baker wrote “I can’t believe I’m writing this. Hearing an old friend has passed, one of the safest guys who was part of the cambridge scene. Back in the day I was the only bgirl in Ely I didnt have anyone to rock with then joey deez and the rest of the Gen iLL crew (and SIN Cru) allowed me to train with them whenever I wanted, took me under their wing and invited me everywhere. Took endless road trips to jams, workshops and other hip hop events. I am so sad to hear you have passed Joey Deez RIP”

Matt Nev wrote “I can’t believe it, Joey Deez was a huge support to Wordplay moving from Graffiti to Hip Hop and was a part of the team for years. Always true to the scene, supporting Hip Hop in the UK correctly and a real gentleman, he will be missed, no Facebook post can cut it. Village Live forever!”

Village Life wrote “I’m devastated to hear the news of Joey Deez passing. A true gentleman with a heart of gold. You will be deeply missed by so many people.  You were a great skater, graff painter & break dancer with such a vast knowledge of incredible music and records that I will really miss hearing about. I’m so grateful to have known you and worked so closely with you in building Village Live Records mate. We dropped some amazing records together and I will never forget the time spent with you and what we have achieved. Village Live was your idea bro and I’m so glad we could make it a reality!  I hope wherever you are you’re skating with a back pack full of spray cans while blasting out your favourite hip hop records! My thoughts are with his family, loved ones and close friends. We lost a very special guy that will forever be in our hearts. Rest in peace bro. Love you man Doug X”

Doug Barclay wrote “Rest in peace Joey Deez. You were a top guy and I will miss you dearly.  It was a pleasure to know you as a good friend and also work with you closely as a business partner. We had our ups and downs with the label ey mate but we always met in the middle and figured it out . We built something special with Village Live mate and your memory will forever live on through that label. You gave artists a platform to be heard and made dreams come true by pressing vinyl and sending them all around the globe. You smashed it mate and I know how much it meant to you!  Thanks for the good memories and friendship. I hope you’re up there skating bro! Rest easy.”

Dan Sawkins wrote “Can’t believe the news that Joey Deez has passed away!! I saw Joey at many B-Boy events over the years then would see him later when he worked at Rarekind Records, a lovely guy who was always a pleasure to chat with!! He was only 32, way too young to go!! RIP my man!!”

Original Forty Fivers wrote “Such sad news today about the passing of Joey Deez. Such a genuine friendly guy. He DJ’ed at a couple of our events, did a mix for our 45 Day project, and I was only last week taking to him in Rarekind Records about the next Village Live release. RIP Joey.”

Zulu King Flowre wrote “Absolutely gutted to hear about the passing of my brother Joey Deez a true gent, great Bboy, great music journalist and a great label owner. I don’t know what happened to him but have just seen that he has passed. Truly gutting to hear about another one of the good ones passing away. Long may he rest in power”

Boom Bap Festival wrote “Sad to hear the news of Joey Deez passing. Someone who supported Boom Bap festival from day 1 and was always happy to help. We’ll miss bumping into him in Brighton at Rarekind and catching up over records. A truly kind person with a genuine passion for music & the culture. RIP #joeydeez”

P Martin Badtastecru wrote “RIP Joey Deez. Really sad to hear this news. Joey was a real gentleman, dope bboy, all elements hip hop practitioner, great journalist and proud label owner. He was a pleasure to be around, thanks for supporting our crew/events and bringing us to your jams over the years. You will be missed bro. Thoughts to your family, friends, crew Generation ILL and Village Live Records “

Suspected Packages wrote “Stunned and shocked to hear the news of Joey Deez from Village Live Records passing. We were only talking last week as he was helping us out on some bits for the new website… Our thoughts go out to his friends and family.”

What Is Village Live Records

Village Live is a music record label that was established in 2008 by a group of like-minded writers, record collectors and skaters. In 2015 Remulak & Joey Deez setup Village Live Records, based in Cambridge & Brighton, as a means to release Remulak’s first record featuring Cappo & Lewis Parker.

Shortly after, the label was approached by Ded Tebiase to release his debut album Seventy Five, which was met with critical acclaim and led to the decision to expand the label and start building a varied catalogue of music.

Since then Village Live Records has worked with and released projects by a wide variety of some of our favourite artists over the globe and released albums spanning across Hiphop, Jazz, Triphop & more, including a chunk of instrumental projects on vinyl, CD, cassette & digital.

As well as being one half of Village Live Records, Joey works part time at Rarekind Records in Brighton and DJ’s here and there, often alongside Village Live fam Evil Ed. Remulak works as a full-time musician and beatmaker, working on an array of projects with different MC’s, singers & producers.

Joey & Remulak are passionate about an eclectic range of music and the label is always happy to welcome submissions so please do get in touch if you’re working on a project you’d like us to hear or if you know of any artists you think would sit well on Village Live Records.

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