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Steve Bing death, How the  American millionaire film producer left Millions of Dollars worth of  inheritance  for his former lover Liz Hurley & two children



The Hollywood producer who comitted suicide on Monday after throwing himself into the void from the 27th floor of his Los Angeles apartment has saprked outrage.

Steve Bing who died at the age of 55, killed himself in Los Angeles on Monday after throwing himself from the 27th floor of his luxurious Los Angeles apartment.

Steve left an estimated net worth of $ 600 million inheritance and a legacy involving two children that he hardly knew. The millionaire’s death could revive a family dispute over who will inherit the Bing family’s family fortune.

Throughout the life of the American businessman and philanthropist, he was known for two relationships, the result of which were born his sons Damian , 18, from whom he maintained with the British actress Liz Hurley , and Kira, 20, of the relationship with former tennis player Lisa Bonder.

Peter Bing, father and grandfather businessman of young, wanted to disinherit Damian and to Kira not consider their grandchildren. For a time Steve’s children also earned the contempt of their own father, who refused to acknowledge them.

The producer, who was also a partner with Nicole Kidman, had several successes in the film industry, but his biggest achievement at the box office was the animated film The Polar Express , for which he earned an incredible profit of $ 285 million.

Paternity tests showed that Bing was the biological father of both, but neither of them had close contact with him. Despite all this, Damian and Kira are beneficiaries of their father’s inheritance.

A close friend of Bing told the American site Page Six that the businessman had squandered the money on “misguided investments” for the past few years. “People imagine that it is impossible to spend $ 600 million, but he did it.”

Bing had helped fund the Warren Beatty movie The Rules Don’t Apply , which failed at the box office, and faced a lawsuit for $ 18 million in 2017, according to the Hollywood Reporter . The film had a budget of $ 25 million, but generated just $ 3.9 million in worldwide revenue.

Bing proved to be Damian Hurley’s father in 2002 through DNA testing, which was ordered by a British court. He offered to pay $ 2.9 million for a trust in Damian’s name, but Hurley said the money “was neither wanted nor welcome, ” and said he would not accept a penny. “I’ve always made it perfectly clear to Steve Bing, the father of my son Damian, that I don’t want any financial help from him,” he said at the time.

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