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Farrah Fawcett life, death & love life: she was the sex symbol of the 70s who suffered until the end of her days



After a life of scandals over the addictions and infidelities of her husband, Ryan O´Neal, and the crimes committed by her son, Redmond, the “Los Angeles de Charly” actress died eleven years ago after losing a hard battle against the Cancer.

His death went almost unnoticed. Farrah Fawcett had publicized her fight against cancer years ago, and some of her treatments had even been televised. However, on June 25, 2009, when he died, Michael Jackson also left . And, overshadowed by the King of Pop , the death of Charlie’s Los Angeles actress had little impact in the media.

In fact, in March of the following year, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences failed to add it to the tributes of the deceased artists for the 82nd Edition of the Oscar Awards, where it did include the name of the creator of “Thriller”. And this fact caused great discomfort among his fans. However, for her family, the only important thing was that Farrah could finally rest in peace. And that her son Redmond , then detained in a California prison, could go to say goodbye to her.

The actress had been diagnosed with colon cancer in March 2006. And since then, she had undergone several surgeries, chemotherapies, and experimental treatments to try to combat it. The following year, meanwhile, her press agents had announced that Fawcett was already cured. But, months later, it became known that a malignant polyp had been found in the same place where it had been treated. And, practically without rest, she had to resume her fight.

Thus, after undergoing radiotherapy treatment, the actress decided to travel to Germany to undergo a stem cell procedure that was not performed in the United States and was filmed to be broadcast by NBC as a documentary, under the name from “Farrah’s Story” . But Fawcett did bleed during a minor surgery, which made her abdominal pain unbearable.

In April 2009, the actress was admitted to a Los Angeles hospital, where she was informed that the cancer had metastasized to the liver. At the time, it had been reported that Farrah was going to get ahead. But, two months later, she went to see a catheter infection that had been placed to supply the medication and, a few days later, she died at the Saint John’s Health Center in Santa Monica. She was 62 years old. Her partner, actor Ryan O’Neal , was by her side. But her son only got permission from the penitentiary to go to the funeral.

Irreverent like few others at the time, in her youth Farrah was considered a true sex symbol. And, even past 40, she had dared to pose nude for Playboy magazine, selling four million copies and falling in love with men around the world. But she only love one.

After a brief marriage to actor Lee Majors , which officially spanned from 1973 to 1982, Farrah began her relationship with O’Neal, with whom she had her only child in 1985. Legend has it that love arose when the actress’s ex-husband asked Ryan to take his wife to dinner while he went on a trip, so that she would not feel so alone. And that the protagonist of Love Story , who was already carrying two marriages, three children and several rumors of romances with celebrities, such as Barbara Streisand and Diana Ross , could not contain his conquering instinct.

But the couple’s happiness would have been clouded by his addiction to drugs, something that would also have influenced the upbringing of Redmond who, in addition to having problems with drugs, at 33 years of age has spent long periods in prison .

Since 2004, Fawcett has been forced to visit her son in various rehabilitation centers. And, to fuel her sadness, over the years the young man’s situation worsened. In 2007, he was arrested for drunk driving, in 2008 for possession of illicit substances, and in 2009, the year of Farrah’s death, he was charged with entering heroin into prison.

Today, meanwhile, the sole heir to the actress’s multi-million dollar bill, is in the Los Angeles County Central Prison for armed assault on a Santa Monica store and attempted murder of five people against the ones he attacked on public roads in California in May 2018.

Aware of her son’s problems, years before his death Farrah drafted a will in which he arranged for his fortune to be deposited in an investment fund controlled by two executors, so that his son would have a monthly allowance but would not have the money available. its entirety. Something that, if it had happened, would surely have played against Redmond’s health.

Why didn’t he leave anything to O’Neal? She considered him the love of her life. In fact, after a distancing that occurred in ’97 after she discovered him red-handed with the young actress Leslie Stefanson , with whom she later had her fifth child, Ryan returned to his side as soon as he learned of the terrible illness that caused him had detected. However, the relationship between the two had not been easy. And not only because of the drugs, the problematic situation of his son and the rumors of infidelities, but also because of how difficult it was for both of them to reach the end of their careers.

After learning about the success of the series that she starred opposite Kate Jackson and Jaclyn Smith in 1976 and 1977, Farrah decided to leave Charlie’s Los Angeles due to financial differences. And, since then, she had to fight not only to achieve the recognition she was looking for, but also to get the producers to trust again an actress who had broken such an important contract.

He finally did it, leaving the sexy girl behind to start playing tough roles like the ones he did in the series The Burning Bed (1984) or in the film versions of Extremities (1986). But since then, her magazine stories had more to do with her personal scandals than her professional accomplishments. And that is something that Farrah could never overcome.

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