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A Venezuelan lawyer, Eva Sofía Leal brutally beaten and Imprisoned with trial in a military court



Venezuelan lawyer brutally beaten by the National Guard is imprisoned and threatened with trial in a military court.

The outrage erupted in the country when a video went viral in which it is seen how a lieutenant of the Chavista regime hits Eva Sofía Leal.

The outrage erupted on social networks in Venezuela once the video went viral showing a lieutenant of the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB) brutally beating a lawyer , whom she has subdued on the floor, while the voice of a man asking not to “let me hit him” and another male voice assures “his head burst”. The military, for its part, asks that Captain Rodríguez be called. That happened in Barquisimeto, Lara state.

Although perhaps he did not do it with that intention, the message that the Defense Minister dedicated to the lawyers of Venezuela in his day, sounded ironic, rather mocking, because it was precisely on June 23 when a member of the National Armed Force Bolivariana, Lt. María de Los Ángeles Palmera, brutally beat lawyer Eva Sofía Leal .

Godfather says: “Congratulations to the lawyers of the Republic on your day; I admire you, I thank you and I congratulate you. What a task to consecrate your life to justice! “If there is no sacred respect for the laws, for the country, society is a confusion, an abyss.” Simon Bolivar”.

Unlike the messages that many high government officials published, even with tears in their eyes, the heartfelt messages of pain for the death of George Floyd at the hands of a policeman in the United States, in the Venezuelan case not even the Minister of neither the Defense nor the Commander General of the National Guard, an outspoken defender of Chavismo, have made mention of the brutal incident against the legal professional.

What did happen is that the so-called communicational guerrilla was activated to minimize the fact and try to impose the idea of ​​guilt on Dr. Leal and justifying the action of Lt. Palmera. Some of the messages tried to make believe that the lawyer had a weapon, others that she had taken the lieutenant’s regulation weapon, most wanted to make believe that before the video, the lawyer had hit the official.

But this time the general opinion is that the lawyer is too thin and fragile to have assaulted the lieutenant. In addition, there were witnesses, including Leal’s nephew, who was with her at the time they were ordered to stop .

A driver, whose identity is unknown, recorded a video from his vehicle a few meters away , but that captures what happened, with wider shots and it is even observed how the lieutenant’s gun is taken by another National Guard official.

In the afternoon, a couple of journalists, at the service of the Government and its communicational guerrilla network, released information about Lieutenant Palmera, assuring that a Military Court had issued her an arrest warrant and that she had been detained.

The intention was to lower the pressure on social networks, to impose the matrix of false opinion on the arrest of the aggressor. Many other journalists took that information, which was not only published on social networks, but on numerous news portals that did not corroborate the information. Thousands of people began to express their approval stating that it was an act of justice.

What is actually happening is that neither the Armed Forces nor the Nicolás Maduro Moros regime can afford, at this point, to sanction an official who blatantly violates human rights. That is why the victim was not only brutally beaten, with an ugly wound on the forehead, but was also detained and threatened to be presented this Thursday before the military courts to charge her with assault on the sentinel.

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