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Meet The Bolsonarista group “300 of Brazil”, how they works and what is the role of its leader Sara Giromini



Meet The Bolsonarista group “300 of Brazil”, how they works and what is the role of its leader Sara Giromini

BRAZIL – How the Bolsonarista group “300…

A journalist who infiltrated the organization’s Telegram channel revealed details about her goals. “I saw that they were training people to go to Brasilia, to give them ‘sweat and blood’,” she said.

Last week, a group of supporters of the President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro , launched fireworks against the headquarters of the Federal Supreme Court , in the Plaza de los Tres Poderes, in Brasilia, to the cry of ” prepare yourselves, bandits of the Supreme “, recording the scene in videos that were released hours later.

The group, calling itself ” 300 of Brazil “, had already been expelled days before the Esplanade of the Ministries and the Plaza de los Tres Poderes, where the Planalto Palace is located, the official residence of Bolsonaro, after having set up camps . All this while in recent weeks the rumor that the president was preparing a military self-coup to curb the counterbalance attempts of the Judicial and Legislative Power gained strength .

Last Monday, the group’s leaders, Sara Fernanda Giromini , who calls herself ” Sara Winter ” , were arrested . According to the O Globo newspaper , the Federal Police operation was also carried out in Brasilia and she is accused of participating both in threats to the court and in a case of spreading false news.

This Tuesday, it was revealed in the Brazilian media that journalist Jessica de Almeida decided to infiltrate the organization’s Telegram group as soon as “Sara Winter” announced on Twitter on April 20 the creation of the ” largest camp for the end of corruption and the left in Brazil ”.

The communicator revealed details about how the group works and some clues that will serve the investigation that is already underway by the Office of the Attorney General (PGR).

By infiltrating Sara Giromini’s project, the journalist was impressed with what she saw . Within days, the Telegram group numbered more than 3,000 people , and the organization warned participants to give ” sweat and blood ” to ” exterminate the left ” and prepare to physically confront if necessary. There had even been talk of the possibility of ending up in prison, something that finally happened with Sara and other members of the group.

Jessica narrated that “ at the beginning they were very general objectives . There was talk of protecting popular sovereignty and things like that. But I started to be vigilant when they shared a documentary about the Arab Spring. Then I saw that they were training people to go to Brasilia , to give them ‘sweat and blood’, to face the possibility of going to prison … All this together with a kind of training. And there was also a whole play on words: ‘You are not a militant, you are a military man.’ ”

That documentary to which the journalist mentions is called “How to start a revolution.” War tactics are the “198 methods of non-violent action”, by the American Gene Sharp, published on the website of the right-wing ideologist Olavo de Carvalho, influential of President Bolsonaro and his sons.

The discussions of the members of ” 300 of Brazil ” also included actions ranging from the manufacture of posters, brochures and pamphlets; even “non-violent harassment” and the alleged institution of a parallel government, the communicator explained, according to what O Globo revealed .

And it continues: ” The speech took on a stranger tone as details of the alleged training were released , a prerequisite for joining Sara (Giromini) camp.”

He then narrated that the organizers informed the participants that they could not bring cell phones to the training sessions , which took place from April 27, and that the address would not be disclosed in advance.

” That was a great warning sign for me . Participants were told to wear comfortable clothing to fight other people. That weekend, the nurses and photographer Dida Sampaio were beaten (at an anti-government rally for how they dealt with the coronavirus) and (Sara’s group) published that this was just the beginning, that they were going to raise the tone. So I said, “Wow, this is getting serious,” adds Jessica.

The Brazilian media reported that the journalist reported the case to the Brasilia Civil Police and that, fearful of being persecuted, she accepted the help of police officer Leonel Radde, from Rio Grande do Sul, to take the complaint to the Public Ministry.

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