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Sylvia Fully Profile



Sylvia Fully Profile

Real Name: Sylvia Fully Profile
Age: Age 31
Birthplace: Indonesia
Birth date: 24 September 1988
Profession: Actress

Who Is Sylvia Fully 

Sylvia Fully Rahaesita (born in Bandung , a 24 September 1988 ; age 31) is an actress nationality Indonesia . Sylvia first played on her main FTV such as 7 Signs of Love and began her career in the selection of Miss Celebrity Indonesia in 2010 . Previously she had fought on Indonesian Idol 2010 , but her steps stopped in the elimination round.

Sylvia List Of Movies

Year                              Title Role Production
2012 Paper boat Noni Starvision Plus
Paper Boat 2  Mizan Productions
2013 Operation Wedding Tara Starvision Plus
Honeymoon Marsha
308 Erin Hitmaker Studios
Human half-salmo Kuntilanak Starvision Plus
2014 Jokowi is us Iriana K2K Pictures
2015 Harim in the Land…… Qia Qia Film Mediatama


Sylvia FTV

7 Sign of Love
Love Gadget Man
Skipper Ayu Bau Pete
I Love You But I Hate You (2012) as Jenie
Love Clown of Love
Love In A Debt Bill
My teacher is good at Kung fu (2012) as Naomi Andaresta
22 Cinta Surya for Citra (2012) as Citra
Sweet Love (2012) as Nora
Empress VS Timun Suri
My love is as sweet as ice cream
Paparazzi Love
From the Pot Down to the Heart
Love The Cow Guard (2014) Conspiracy as Lisa
My love is not imitation love
DJ Galau Naksir Ustad
Glenn Kemon Ketiban Duren
Asmara 2,000,000,000 (2 billion) in the stable of cows
Hospital Mirror
Please Alter My Heart
Me, You & Love Detective
Wedding Planner Trapped Former
Jeremy & Siti
Singles Orphanage
The Granny Falls in Love
Cinderella Old Shoes
24 Days Looking for Arjuna
22 Cinta Surya for Citra
Singles Because of Full Love
Enchantment of Intan Diamonds (2014)
A Shoes Thief Girl
Due to Want to Get Rich Quickly (2014)
Curanmor Parking Lot Syndicate (2014)
Durhaka Girls & Jin Pengabul (2014) as Tiara
Loss of Backpacker on Death Island (2014)
Pamali Lives at the Skewers Home (2015)

Sylvia TV Shows

Was Was (SCTV)
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