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President Donald Trump expanded visa restrictions for certain foreign workers



US president Donald Trump has expanded visa restrictions for certain foreign workers, A restriction measure he said will run until December and will also reach workers who were already covered by the original decree, implemented in April. Workers in the agricultural sector and some in the health sector continue to be excluded.

The United States government announced Monday that it will expand the visa restrictions for certain foreign workers. In addition, he extended the measures that were already in force for others until the end of December, considering that the executive order he had signed in this regard in April – and had a duration of 60 days – was about to expire.

The new measures include H-1B visas, used to work temporarily in the country in a specialized occupation. Many companies make use of it, among which those of the technological industry stand out.

It also concerns visas for spouses of those who have H-1B visas, workers with H-2B visas, with the exception of those in the agricultural sector, who have a permit for a short period of time and do so under a exchange (J-1) and “L” visas, which allow companies to transfer employees who work abroad to the country.

In contrast, workers in the agricultural sector and some in the health sector continue to be excluded, and it includes a special exemption for approximately 20,000 people dedicated to childcare. University professors and those who have a position in the food production and supply chain also fall into this category.

President Donald Trump had already anticipated his intention to carry out the measure over the weekend, arguing that it aims to protect Americans in the context of a labor market devastated by the coronavirus pandemic.

According to White House officials told local media, the Government estimates that the restrictions will prevent foreigners from occupying more than half a million jobs. “President Trump is focused on getting Americans back to work as soon as possible,” said the official, who asked not to be identified.

Major U.S. companies had urged Trump to refrain from blocking the flow of foreign workers arriving in the United States, saying it would harm the economy.

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