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Ghislaine Maxwell, the most wanted woman in the world hiding place busted: Jeffrey Epstein’s ex is accused of child trafficking



They found where one of the most wanted women is hiding Ghislaine Maxwell, She is the Jeffrey Epstein’s ex wife who was accused of child traffickingThe woman is a fugitive from the justice of the United States. Live in a luxurious apartment in Paris, France.

Ghislaine Maxwell , the former partner of Jeffrey Epstein accused of trafficking in minors for sexual purposes, was finally located in Paris, France , where she takes refuge to avoid justice in the United States . English newspapers such as The Times and The Sun found the whereabouts of the 58-year-old woman who is involved in the aberrant crimes that took the financier to prison, where she ended up committing suicide on August 10 .

Maxwell is wanted by the FBI on charges that she provided underage girls to the magnate and his powerful friends. According to those media, he lives in a luxury apartment on Avenue Matignon , an opulent street near the Champs Elysées and just 10 minutes from Epstein’s old home in the French capital. The luxurious property is linked to a Normandy- based millionaire who offered to use it while continuing the global search on it.

The woman was born in France 58 years ago and is the daughter of a Frenchwoman and former magnate Robert Maxwell , former owner of Mirror Group Newspapers . By possessing citizenship of that country, you could avoid your compulsory transfer to the United States because there is no extradition agreement between both nations.

” She wants to stay in France as long as she can to take advantage of the extradition laws and has a large network of contacts willing to keep her hidden. Under French law, anyone born on French soil is safe from extradition to another country, regardless of the alleged crime. It does not mean that she will not be prosecuted for her ties to Epstein, but if she finally faces charges, it will be in France and not in the United States, ”a source told The Sun newspaper .

Epstein victims describe similar situations, whether in New York, Palm Beach, the Virgin Islands or an overwhelming country house in Les Wexner, the places where nightmares came to life. The one who urged them to satisfy Epstein’s sexual desires was Gheslaine. She chose them, recruited them, told them what to do and often participated in the abuse. It was also Maxwell who delivered them to the powerful and influential by order of the financier. Those who complained or wanted to get away from the Epstein world or, worse still, were encouraged to report abuses and violations, had to endure Ghislaine’s fury and threats. He chased them, harassed them over the phone, reminded them that she was going to see to it that her life became hell.

In an interrogation with the police in 2016, with her ex-partner still alive and free, he stated that she fulfilled many functions in the house of Epstein , who had hired many employees to carry out various tasks on their different properties. They asked him more specifically if he had hired masseurs: “ That was a very rare part of my job. I occasionally hired professional masseurs for Epstein. I never hired someone I knew to be a minor, “replied Ghislaine .

During his refuge in Paris, Maxwell emerged from his luxurious hideout on several occasions, each time with a scarf around his face to hide his identity. He passed by the immense luxury art galleries on Avenue Matignon and the high-end restaurants and cafes. “He rarely came out, but when he did, he wore a large patterned blanket that tightly covered his face and shoulders. She clearly did not want to be recognized. But he wore his distinctive sovereign gold ring on his left hand and a larger, brighter ring on his right , ”a witness told the British newspaper who discovered his whereabouts.

For decades Epstein sexually abused dozens of teenagers . Many he trafficked with his friends and business partners. It had a feedback system mounted. A pyramid scheme of sexual abuse and pedophilia. Maxwell was part of it, according to several of the victims. Each of the girls who came to his mansion to perform a “massage” was encouraged to approach other minors who did the same as them. They all received a payment of about $ 200 and other benefits.

It was so common that Epstein thought he could go unpunished his entire life. There would always be someone who would give in to their pressures, accept their money, or backtrack on blackmail. But in 2019 he was arrested and his fall was resounding and inexorable. Just a month after being detained, he appeared lifeless. Maxwell immediately fled, escaping justice from the United States . Now, you know where it will be. We will have to wait for some other anonymous friend to rescue him to avoid being seen again.

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