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Popular New Zealand Musician & Guitarist Aaron Tokon Has Passed Away



Popular New Zealand musician & guitarist Aaron Tokona of such influential bands as Weta and Fly My Pretties has passed away.

Aaron Tokona was reported to have died late yesterday night but his cause of death was not disclosed to the public.

He performed as A Hori Buzz and was part of bands Weta, Cairo Knife Fight, Bongmaster and Fly My Pretties, and collaborated with some of New Zealand’s top musicians.

Aaron Tokona’s death was confirmed by Radio Hauraki. In an official announcement the wrote on their Facebook page “We’re very saddened to hear that Aaron Tokona has passed away. He was a bloody great New Zealander! Please crank this epic Weta tune up as loud as it can go as a tribute!”

Tributes Floods Twitter..

New Zealand radio braodcaster, Clarke Gayford who penned down his tribute on twitter wrote.. “Processing the terrible news that the wild, crazy, fruity, explosion of a frontman with a bottomless pit of talent Aaron Tokana has died suddenly. The singalongs in my backyard with Aaron playing guitar for hours on end a precious memory. RIP e hoa.”

Music industry executive Morgan Donoghue on Twitter said: “Terribly sad news my dear friend from school and one of the most talented musicians I know Aaron Tokona died of a heart attack today. Last time I saw him was at my 40th where he played with Dave Dobbyn, Hollie Smith, Che Fu. Rest In Peace and music my bro.”

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