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Is Milan Kundera Death, Dead Or Alive? Things You Need To Know!!



Fake news circulating online has claimed that popular Czech writer who went into exile in France in 1975, becoming a naturalised French citizen in 1981, Milan Kundera has passed away. The news of Milan Kundera death is totally false and should be disregard by the public. Milan Kundera is not dead, he is alive and in good shape.

Journlist Daniel Rzasa confirmed that Milan Kundera is not death but rather a hoax created online to fool the public.

Read the tweets below:..

This is the essence of Czech humor, when Sputnik – a Russian propaganda portal – writes about how Polish sources reported without checking that Milan Kundera is dead. And she gave it to, among others “Wyborcza” on its website and the chief of Polish Newsweek Tomasz Lis on TT.

It looks like this pipe account was created by an Italian journalist who almost professionally deals with trolling others in such a way and is quite successful in this field.

Sputnik will once again get it out for them – e.g. when they give some real information uncomfortable for Russia. Then he would write: “The fact that Russia has invaded Podlasie is fake news and this is not the first such misinformation on the part of Election – it once lied about Kundera.”

Without checking the information, the media themselves underlie and provide fuel for the future for those whose intentions are neither clear nor good. Therefore, let’s fight fake news and teach how to verify and suppress it.

Oh, the original source of this pipe, on which a lot of Polish quite well-known journalists have fallen, is the account: You don’t need great skills to enter and check that the news of Kundera’s death was the second tweet in his post history.

In this way, he discredits many more real information, while expanding the information chaos in our country and deepening polarization – these are the main goals of such propaganda portals.

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