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Top Secret (TST) Member, Yohan Kpop Is Dead



A member of a South Korean boy band formed by JSL Company, Top Secret (TST) Yohan Kpop has passed away. According to reports Yohan Kpop died on June 16th at the age of 28. Fans across the country are shocked. The cause of death is not released by the wishes of those grieving.

It is a loss that Yohan had passed at a young age in his later 20s. Especially as he often communicated with fans on SNS and actively promoted; his loss now causes a great sadness to both domestic and foreign fans.

Yohan was born in 1992 and debuted in 2017 as a member of Top Secret. They had songs by hitmakers Sweetune such as “She”, “Mind Control”, “Love Story”, “Nakwon”, and “Countdown”.

Yohan’s memorial is to take place at Severance Hospital in Sinchon, Seoul. Service is to take place on the morning of the 18th at Jangji Yongin Catholic Park.

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