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What Happened To The Leigh Keno Brothers?



Who Are The Leigh Keno Brothers?

Well if you are an antique fan you will know this wonderful people Leigh Keno Brothers, Leslie Keno, they are popular known as one of the most antique collectors of all time.

Leigh Keno and Leslie B. Keno where born March 14, 1957 in Herkimer County, New York, They are American antiques experts, authors, and television hosts.

The Keno brothers are identical twins, and – the sons of antique dealers – took an interest in antiques at a young age. Leigh Keno attended Hamilton College, and Leslie Keno attended Williams College, graduating in 1979.

The brothers have appeared as furniture appraisers on the PBS series Antiques Roadshow since 1997, have hosted the WGBH series Find! together since 2003, and have been hosts of the internet show Collect This! with the Keno Brothers on MSN`s Tech & Gadgets guide site since 2008.In 2000, the twins co-authored a book on antique furniture with Joan Barzilay Freund, Hidden Treasures: Searching for Masterpieces of American Furniture. Leigh opened his own antique dealership in New York City in 1986 and Leslie heads the American furniture and decorative arts division at Sotheby`s. Both were awarded the National Humanities Medal in 2005.

Alleged Stroke & Rumored Death Of Leigh Keno

Although it was rumored that one out of the the two twins have died after suffering from stroke this rumor has not yet been officially confirmed as at the time of filing this report, we are still investigating on the alleged rumor.

According to TheTimes, it was alleged that the brothers, “who are partners in at least one business, bid against each other,” in several instances. “Their competing efforts sent the price of routine items soaring, according to court papers.”

At New Orleans Auctions Galleries, the Kenos bid against each other “about 50 times” for a single Turkish Angora carpet. One brother bid by phone, the other online. After a few opening bids, no one else competed for the rug and despite a low estimate of $800, wound up selling to Leslie for $14,500. “Then he did not pay for it,” according to the Times.

New Orleans Auctions Galleries claim the brothers bid against each other with similar results at least two other times. The first was for a $7,250 “Italian painting” with “a low estimate of $400,” and the second was “$1,600 for a Louis XVI-style bed,” with “a low estimate of $300,” according to the Times.

Debts And Lawsuits

In 2016 the PBS show Antiques Roadshow anchors, Lesile and Leigh Keno were accused of failing to pay for $600,000 worth of items they bid for at auction and have been hit with two lawsuits.

Leslie and Leigh Keno, 59, also were accused of bidding against each other at one auction, ending with an item worth $800 selling for $14,500.

The New York Times said a lawsuit filed by New Orleans Auctions Galleries says that in April of 2016 the Keno brothers bid against each other about 50 times for a Turkish Angora carpet.

His most famous role is as an appraiser on the popular and long-standing series ‘Antiques Roadshow’.

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