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Ranty Maria



Ranty Maria Biodata

Real Name: Ranty Maria
Age: 21-years-old
Birthplace: Jakarta, Indonesia
Birthday: Born 26 April 1999
Profession: Actress
Agama: ———-

Who Is Ranty Maria

Ranty Maria was born in Jakarta on April 26, 1999.she made her first shot on the tv screen when she took a cast feature from the soap opera 7 Tiger Man to the Sky Boy, making this beautiful girl became known.


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Family & Career

She is a crossbreed artist between Korea-Manado. Where her father named Lee Ki Young came from Korea. And her mother named Joanita Kariso who has Manado blood. Maria is the second child of 5 siblings.

Although she has given birth to 5 children, Mrs Ranty Maria is still seizing the attention of netizens. The reason is that some photos show that Joanita is still young, when she took a photo with her child, just like a peer who was taking a selfie.

Joanita made Maria jump into acting since she was 7 years old. Where the first soap opera is ‘Waiting for the Miracle of Love’. He also played with two colleagues namely Chealsea Olivia and Glenn Alinskie.

Tv Shows & Relationships

Ranty Maria and Ammar Zoni were involved in cinemas when playing in the soap opera ‘7 Tiger Men’. Where Maria played the role of Ratna and Ammar Zoni played the role of Rajo Langit. The cinlok continued until ‘7 Human Tiger (New Generation)’ and also starred in ‘Children of the Sky’ which aired on SCTV.

SCTV itself has aired four of their latest soap operas. Among them are ‘Schoolchildren’, ‘People of Duku Village’, ‘Blessings of Love’, and also ‘Children of Heaven’ in which Maria plays a role.

The press conference that was held also showed the presence of the artists who played a role in it. Like Irish Bella who played in ‘Blessings of Love’ as Tania, Natasha Wilona who played in ‘Schoolgirls’ as Love to Rifky Balweel who played the role of Sultan in ‘People of Duku Village’.

Do not forget the Ranty Maria who played in ‘Children of the Sky’ with Ammar Zoni. Maria herself plays Vika. And Ammar zoni who plays Al. Al is described as a nosy figure. When Al met Vika they often fought.

After breaking up with Ammar Zoni, Ranty Maria has never introduced her new boyfriend figure in public. Now, she is known to be focusing on shooting stripping on one private TV.

However, recently Ranty Maria was busy being rumored to be close to her co-star in the Most Beautiful Light soap opera, Rayn Wijaya. Having strong chemistry makes this couple often prayed for a partner. What are you curious about, Rayn Wijaya and Ranty Maria when acting? just wait for the latest news on this website

Maria’s beauty that she now has has been owned since she was a child. Evidently a small photo of Ranty Maria circulating on the internet shows she has been beautiful and cute since long time ago. To get a picture is not too difficult, considering he has been playing soap operas from an early age.


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