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Donald Zarda Death, Dead – How Did Donald Zarda Die? Cause Of Death



Donald Zarda Death, Dead – How Did Donald Zarda Die? Cause Of Death

Donald Zarda was skydiving instructor at Altitude Express, a company on Long Island, N.Y. who was fired for being gay. Donald died in 2014. Donald Zarda died in a skydiving accident in 2014. His surviving partner, Bill Moore, and his sister, Melissa Zarda, have continued the lawsuit on behalf of Don’s estate.

Donald Zarda said he was fired as a skydiving instructor after joking with a female client to whom he was strapped for a tandem dive that he was gay.

He started Skydiving as a hobby but eventually became a career for him. By 2010, Don had been skydiving for nearly 20 years and performed hundreds of jumps as a skydiving instructor. After a customer learned Don was gay, the customer complained to Don’s employer and Don was fired from the job and the company he built his life around.

Donald Zarda Fired For Being Gay

Don’s teaching often involved tandem skydives, in which he was strapped hip-to-hip and shoulder-to-shoulder with clients, who often were novices doing their first dives for fun. In the summer of 2010, Don and a co-worker took a young couple – a man and a woman – up for tandem skydives.

As they were preparing for the dive and Don was strapping himself to the woman, Don told her that he was gay to assuage any concern she had about being in close physical contact with a man she didn’t really know. He never thought the comment would cause the end of his career at Altitude Express. But after the dive, Don’s boss fired him because he had come out to the woman.

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