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Staff Sgt. Ladonies Strong single mistake while driving military truck led to Morgan’s cause of death



Staff Sgt. Ladonies Strong single mistake led to Morgan’s death

West Point cadet a 22-year-old Christopher “C.J.” Morgan was murdered when a military truck overturned.

The young man, Morgan died from the injuries he sustained during the fatal accident, while 19 other cadets and the two active-duty soldiers who were operating the vehicle were hurt.

It was reported that the the transport vehicle driven by staff Sgt. Ladonies Strong got overturned on June 6 that resulted to the death of Morgan.

Ladonies has since been charged under military law with involuntary manslaughter, negligent homicide, reckless operation of a vehicle and other counts stemming from a June 6 training crash at the U.S. Military Academy in West Point, New York

She has being tried in Georgia because she was assigned to the Army’s 3rd Infantry Division headquartered at Fort Stewart.

Although she declined to make a statement in her defense during an Article 32 hearing in October. The brief hearing shed no new light on the case. The Army has released few details, including whether Strong was driving the truck, as the charges against her suggest.

West Point is deferring further comment to the spokesman for the soldier’s current command, which is at Fort Stewart, Ga.

Before his death, Morgan was a star athlete at West Orange High School.

He was set to graduate in 2020 from West Point, where he also wrestled.

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