Home World News Protesters Took Down The John McDonough Statue In Duncan Plaza (Photos/Video)

Protesters Took Down The John McDonough Statue In Duncan Plaza (Photos/Video)


Protesters, in a demonstration following the Pride Motorcade, took down the John McDonough bust in Duncan Plaza using a rope, skateboard and chisel.

About a thousand protesters took down the statue of slave owner John McDonough from Duncan Plaza, marched it to the river and dumped it in the Mississippi this afternoon. Photo provided by a friend in the protest.

The statue was loaded onto two trucks, the NOPD says, and transported to Jax Brewery where it was then thrown into the river.

John McDonough Statue After It Was Pulled Down

Two people were arrested after driving the statue to the river and throwing it into the Mississippi river.

New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell in a statement released today described what the protesters did as unlawful.

The statement reads below:-


Demonstrators at Duncan Plaza damaged a statue, drug it into the streets at Gravier St. & Loyola Avenue and loaded onto two trucks, which were then transported to Jax Brewery and thrown into the river.

The two individuals who were driving the trucks that transported the statues were apprehended and transported to NOPD Headquarters.

No further details are available at this time.

Watch The Video Below:-

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