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Because of Dogs, Rina Nose’s Latest Posts Turns out to be a Gossip



Multi talented Indonesian  artist Rina Nose displays photos with her husband, Josscy Aartsen on her Instagram account. He was checking his dog to an animal clinic.

But unfortunately because of his posting about the dog, Rina Nose was highlighted by netizens.

Many netizens confide. Here’s what they say:

yes it’s really funny ,, but syng in my religion forbids to touch it, because it is troublesome in activities, especially in praying, we have to take a shower 5 times, every time we hold it, yet. .. like the saliva hairs, sorry, yeah .., “wrote Mulyati8818.

His head was funny like cotton candy … Gemesh ?,” Rhiyanie wrote, it

seemed that the pumpkin was depressed. “wrote melatiputih

Gemesssssssss ??? hiiii … Pumpkin and Popcorn ??? ❤️❤️, “wrote Amywijaya

Adu du du du du duuuuuuu …. funnyuuu amaaatttt ?????,” wrote rolichi.

Are you not interested in Siberian Husky mbak @ rinanose16? “Let me be a bit hissed but close to people ??” wrote another netizen.

The fur is very cotton-rich, yeah @ rinanose16, “wrote lala.

Previously, Rina Nose wrote the status.

Is it really cool? Really amazing, this new face of Pumpkin and Popcorn after grooming at @laverne_dog_grooming? Aww aww maaciih yaa Agus Agus @lavernetzu? ni increasingly gemesin.
Make my friends that her beloved anabul want kece and increasingly gumussh shall try deh his grooming place @laverne_dog_grooming
Try just check his IG @laverne_dog_grooming clay deh foto2 his grooming results? ❤️, “wrote Rina Nose

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