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Tweeps reacts to #AKA4President on Twitter



South African popular rapper AKA has caught the twitter flame after he posted a tweet asking his fans to ask all their questions about what he would do should he assume the highest office in the country, probably we know he meant to say becoming the next president of South Africa.

In His tweet…..

“Today I will be engaging with all your questions about what I would do should I assume the highest office in the land … under the #AKA4President hashtag. Let’s go. Popcorn… also please address me as Senator Mega. Please and Thank You.”


The tweets kept buzzing for like hours and caught many people asking lots of questions to the rapper.

Nhlanhla Sophaza asked the raper which monetry policy he would support if he evetually suceeded as the next president in countr.

“Which monetory policy would you support?
Reserve bank printing own currency to capitalize industrialization and infractructure develeopment to grow economy and create jobs?
We go borrow money from IMF and world bank to fund country’s needs?”

AKA while speaking said the ruling today in the country by the constitutional court is great. It’s a start. “It’s all fun here on Twitter, but what I’m trying to demonstrate today is that your country belongs to you and if young people can unify, they can take their destiny into their own hands”

Tweeps Replies…


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