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“That’s how you pump your d*ck, your.. Bloody dickers!” – Zodwa teaches how to last one hour rounds on her new twitter video


South African popular socialite and number one pantless woman, Zodwa has caught many twitter users agog after she posted a new video displaying her new sex styles.


The viral video which went buzzing after it caught the public attention had many questioning the relevancy and why she had to uploaded it was captioned: Zodwa nawe, she wants a man to last one hour during round one…

In the video she was saying “That’s how you pump your dick, you dicks.. Bloody dickers!” and jarked helself on top of a guy while demonstrating her new sex position lessons.

Zodwa who has been trying to be relevant again has been out of the spotlight for a while now was on Thursday said to have gotten a has a new boyfriend, she announced that Thuthuka Zindlovu known as “Dlala Thuzin”, a young DJ from KZN.

The Entertainer and businesswoman Zodwa Wabantu split from ex-boyfriend Vusi Ngubane in May as the relationship wasn’t working for them.

Zodwa Wabantu new boyfriend Thuthuka Zindlovu is 22 years old, Durban based DJ and music producer who has worked with DJ Tira and Babes Wodumo.

Dlala Thuzin is known for opening acts for Black Coffee, a role he has performed on many occasions at his concerts.

Posting on Instagram, Zodwa WaBantu tags Dlala Thuzin – Thuthuka Zindlovu and captioned their pic


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