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Is it possible to overcome infatuation in a romantic relationship and keep the relationship alive, or is infatuation inherently irrational and bound to destroy things?



If your crushing on her then it is short lived. Lust and strong physical attraction fade over time that is infatuation. The initial infatuation fades. It is just a strong sense of desire and attraction knowing only the superficial details about the other person. It makes you feel happy. It eventually fades with time.

True love, on the other hand, takes time and lasts forever. It nurtures and it grows over time. It is real and it is a feeling where the other person’s happiness is a priority over your own happiness. Love cares for the other person.

But you know that infatuation can cause actual chemical effects in the body that can lead to physical symptoms that you may not necessarily equate with the joyfulness of being in love.

How to Know is just infatuation and not true love

You see a future with this person.
You find them physically, sexually and most importantly, emotionally attractive.
You’d rather see them happy than seeing yourself happy.
It makes your heart ache when you see that person suffering from anything whether it’s physical, mental or emotional.
You respect that person and his/her values, likes and dislikes, morals, limits and the people that he/she respects.
Ego isn’t an issue when it comes to this person.
You don’t hold your grudges or use their past actions to win an argument.
You are able to forgive, very easily.
You have an immense amount of tolerance when it comes to this person.
Patience isn’t forced anymore. It comes from within.
The thought of winning doesn’t exist anymore. The need to be superior and dominant doesn’t seem to be a need anymore.
You aren’t afraid to be vulnerable.
You trust them with your deepest & darkest secrets. You count on them with anything. You can be transparent, no secrets.
Whatever you do, she/he is there to help you out.
You require their attention. A lot probably. And when you don’t get it, you feel upset.
You feel safe to cry. You don’t regret those actions.
You aren’t afraid of commitment, you are willing to compromise & sacrifice. Willingness alone isn’t enough, you must prove it to yourself by actions. Not once, not twice but multiple times in multiple circumstances.
You accept their flaws. You accept them as the person they are, even when they are at their worst.
You make time to make your partner happy no matter how busy you are. And you don’t feel guilty about the sacrifices you make just put a smile on your partner.
You have been faithful and are willing to stay that way forever.
You are ready let them go if that’s whats best for them or you are ready to walk away forever if that’s what needs to be done.
A particular person came to your mind as you read those points.
And if you could put on a tick ( √ ) on each and every one of those, Congratulations, you are in love.

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