• This is why  Jennifer Dunn  Divorced Her Husband Faisal Haris
  • Suprihatin also revealed that the divorce occurred because there was no blessing from both parents.

INDONESIA NEWS – Recently celebrity Jennifer Dunn came back in the public spotlight. After she was referred to as the actor and finally married Faisal Haris. It turned out that Jennifer had just had sex with her husband before. In fact, she claimed to be happy because her divorce suit against Bobby Michael was granted by the panel of judges. The divorce decision of the two of them also seemed to take place behind closed doors at the Cibinong Religious Court.

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“Certainly very happy for this because the government legally, there is no relationship,” said Suprihatin lawyer Jennifer.

Suprihatin also revealed that the divorce occurred because there was no blessing from both parents.

“For reasons, colleagues may already know, one of which is that there is no blessing from both parents,” Suprihatin said.

It is known, Jennifer officially married the ex-husband of Sarita Abdul Mukti. Jennifer was even accused of being a celebrity alias when Faisal was still Sarita’s husband. Until finally Faisal divorced and married Jennifer. Surprisingly, it turns out Jennifer herself also has a husband, named Bobby Michael. His divorce was just recently ratified.

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Jennifer’s divorce news spread on social media, even many citizens who protested if Jennifer had become a polyandri or have two husbands before officially divorced with Bobby. Many also think that if Jennifer divorced from the father of Shafa Haris.

“I think divorce from Faisal Haris,” commented the citizen.

“That means Faisal haris second husband before,” exclaimed the other.

“Poor, Faisal left his wife and children, even married to someone’s wife,” said another.

“Married someone’s wife’s status,” said another.