PC Siqueira was exposed on Thursday morning with a pedophile material from a 6 year old child. In the conversation, he indicates that the child’s mother uploaded a nude photos. My God, how disgusting!many people are already ranting about it on the social media.

On the internet, progressive and defender of minorities. Actually tagged him pedophile!

The was share to YouTube before it went viral.

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PC Siqueira tomou exposed envolvido com material pedófilo de uma CRIANÇA DE 6 ANOS. Na conversa, ele indica que a mãe da criança PRODUZ fotos sensuais. Meu Deus, que nojo!

Na internet, progressista e defensor de minorias. Na real, pedófilo!

“They cover Felipe Neto, because he keeps demanding that people take a position on everything. NOW HE WILL HAVE TO POSITION ON THE PEDOPHILE FRIEND.

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To paraphrase him, anyone who omits pedophilia is a pedophile.” a twitter fan said