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Hugo Cobo – Few Things You Need To Know



Hugo Cobo Biografia

Real Name: Hugo Cobo, Hugo cobo cobos
Profession: Musician
Birthday: December 20, 1999
Birthplace: Córdoba , Spain
Age: 20


Hugo Cobo is one of the sixteen contestants of ‘Operación Triunfo 2020’. Born in 1999, he is from Córdoba, where he works in a waste management company and as a mechanic. As for musical training, at the time he entered the Academy, he had a year of singing training.


His beginnings in the world of music go back to when Hugo was 13 years old, at which time he began to upload his versions of various songs to the Internet . In addition, he also played the guitar on the street. There was a time when he lost his enthusiasm for music, but he matured and realized that he wanted his future to be linked to music. Currently, he says that music is present at all hours in his day to day: “From when I get up until I go to bed.”

The songs of James Arthur and Imagine Dragons cannot be missing from your playlist. He believes that people think he is a bit cool, but that the reality is different, since he considers himself a humble, smiling and loyal boy.


A great admirer of Ariana Grande confesses and his goal in ‘OT 2020’ is to train as an artist to create a personal style between pop and flamenco .

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